Importance of 'Naam Shabad'

The beginning and end of all things is shabd
All gross matter, the sky and so forth subtle matter,
Sound, form, taste and scent are all shabd.
Whatever exists is shabd.
Whatever is manifested from shabd
Cannot be anything but shabd.
Shabd is our creator.
Shabd is our sustainer.
We are of shabd and shabd is ours.


Since time immemorial, the soul has been distanced from Almighty. However, God and soul are not demarcating, and set aside in separate lockers that the soul cannot realize Him. Rather, one can have access to the Supreme Creator, definitely. Yes!!! Actualization of access to spiritual regions and glimpses of God is possible with the key of Naam Shabd [God’s words]. But, what these holy words are??? Apparently, it is just a syllable, but what it encapsulates within, is beyond expression; though it is quite easy to apprehend it. It can be thought of as a subtle interpreter between the Supreme Creator and His creation. Because, the Divine power is hidden in the naam shabd as butter is hidden in the milk. This is an imperishable and indestructible gift to disciples from the Lord. It can neither be stolen nor washed away. The seed of spirituality once sown in the depths of the soul must effloresce and fructify. No other power on this planet can stifle it in any way.

As rising sun gives warmth and light to all, snow gives exhilarating freshness, so Naam cannot fail to produce its effect, no matter who is getting interacted; chaste and immaculate or unobtrusive and arrogant one. The delight of the nectar of Naam Shabd is exquisite. A rendezvous with the celestial light can purify a person of all iniquities even. These words are the great Progenitor of the entire creation. Its significance is far deeper than is generally understood. The sacred rays of Naam Shabd burn the sins of many births like a spark on a stack of hay and turn them into ashes. A continual recitation of absolute sacred words help in stilling the mental vibrations and quieting the mann [negative aspect of mind], which is ever in a state of oscillation. With regular practice of Gurumantra, one gradually becomes aware of his shortcomings and tries to weed them out; as well steps towards the Divine Life.

Naam Shabd assures salvation to all, whether good or bad. Benefits of Naam include feeling of true contentment, power of tolerance & compassion. Sorrows and tensions flee away with the diligent practice of Naam Shabd. Our reasonable worldly wishes are granted too. One’s will power and capability to make exclusive right decisions in every field of life enhances manifolds. This treasure-trove of happiness provides success in each and every field and ravishes the heart with joy beyond the words. In addition, it helps in achieving peace of mind, which is difficult to attain by any other means. The regular practice of meditation helps in curing of a number of deadly diseases like cancer, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, besides heart diseases. The sky of Raam Naam inspires the parched soul to soar higher in ecstasy. In a nutshell, the Naam Shabd acts as a panacea for physical as well spiritual ailments.

It is by sitting for meditation that we empower our soul, receive spiritual nourishment, become spiritually strong to face the world and learn to make contact with the shabd with in.