Social ReformerRevolutionist – The Social Reformer

Dr. MSG Insan does not only teach humanity but practices it. He has initiated 134 humanitarian works which are being executed religiously by his followers and volunteers of Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force. This force is first of its kind to be established by any socio-spiritual organization which consists of around eighty thousand volunteers who are available twenty four into seven for carrying out any kind of welfare work at any global location. Dr. MSG Insan has many firsts in his credits when social reformation is concerned. He initiated campaigns which could have never been thought of by any ordinary leader. Some of the most incredible initiatives which are first as well as unique in its own kind are available here.

Stop ProstitutionShubhDevi– Dr. MSG Insan freed sex workers who were forced to enter into this ill profession, adopted them as his daughters, renamed them as Shubh Devi and had them married to young grooms, thus, rehabilitating them to the social mainstream. Nonetheless to say, inspired by the teachings of Dr. MSG Insan more than 1500 young boys voluntarily vowed to marry such girls. This act is something one would have never heard in history of mankind.

Sukhdua Samaj – Dr. MSG Insan renamed eunuchs’ society with a respectable name i.e. SukhDua Samaj and connected them to the mainstream society by providing them equal opportunity for education, employment and status as third gender.

Kul Ka Crown – Dr. MSG Insan proved that the traditional social norm stating that a family lineage can only be carried forward by a son child is just a taboo. A girl child is equally capable of running this lineage. In a male chauvinist society, you will be surprised to see that such kind of marriage is actually possible and being practiced by people where a groom agrees to relocate to bride’s home after marriage because the bride is the only child of her parents. Inculcating such a level of understanding and abolishing male ego amongst youngsters is another one of the many amazing firsts of Dr. MSG Insan

Drive in Jaipur-drmsgMega Cleanliness Campaigns – Dr. MSG Insan organized Mega cleanliness campaigns having participation of more than 2-3 lac volunteers in such a well-planned manner that exhibits his exemplary management skills. He has been awarded Guinness Book of World records too for conducting these campaigns at such a mega level.

These are only few mentions of his super revolutionist nature that proves that he cares least a bit in creating a brand new revolution when the welfare of humanity is concerned.