Question – Answers

Question – Answers

Ans: Irrespective of the prayers and wishes, it is impossible to come back as human species without completing the cycle of 84 lakhs species. The soul leaves one life form and enters the other like insects, animals, flora and fauna; thus there are 84 lakhs life forms that the soul has to travel through before coming back into human form and not immediately. That is why it is the best to reap the benefits of being in this best life form and seek salvation.

Ans: There are no ghosts on this entire planet and we say this as a challenge. We are ready to go to any place that is considered to be haunted. Even in Bhangarh, Rajasthan, the place was considered to be troubled with ghosts and passersby were asked to stay away from the place after 6:30 pm. But we had spent nights there and found no trace of ghosts, although we did see owls, monkeys, lemurs and even cheetahs. Our Vedas have clearly denied the presence of ghosts or any spirits on the earth. They are certainly present in the other spiritual realm.

The markings with bindis and holy threads on the body can be a task of children or family member, but certainly not of ghost that we can guarantee. If it is a ghost made by your doubts then that too is gone, believe that these (Ghosts) do not exist. As far as body pain is concerned, you must reach out to a good doctor and seek medication.

Ghosts are in spiritual realms, and are a form of punishments given to souls who have continuously involved in bad karmas. They face lakhs of kilometers of darkness, these forms are made to walk on edges sharper than a sword, they face immense harshness, and they live in pain. They are incapable of inflicting pain on anyone else.

So seek medicine from a good doctor, meditate as medicine and meditation both will work. There are no ghosts, we guarantee this.

This question is attached to a religion so we would not want to touch upon it. However as far as the story goes, there was a saint who had immense faith in God. One day the Lord asked him for his Child’s sacrifice. Devoted as he was, closed his eyes and with his sword cut off his son’s throat. When he opened his eyes, he saw that God replaced his son with a goat and gave back the son’s life. His strong faith and love was thus paid back by Almighty. Till date the saint is remembered with respect for his love towards God.

Ans: The method of meditation is the perfect concoction and essence of all the Mantras and gives all the desired results. Instead of reciting various different Mantras, a single method of meditation which is All-in-one, can be followed.

Ans: No, the benefits of coming and Satsang in the Satsang pandal are manifolds because the ambiance itself has the presence of Almighty in it, while when you listen over the internet, you indulge parallel in other activities like eating, sipping hot tea, scolding your child or even visiting the restroom. Even if you devotionally listen with complete concentration, still your physical presence in the Satsang pandal gives you greater benefits and spiritual experiences. Although it is certainly hundred times better to listen over the internet than not listening at all.

Ans: We always used to go for satsang and welfare activities and would sit in a manner that would enable us to get the pious glimpse of Sahah satnam Ji Maharaj even if we may or may not be visible to Him. We would always involve in various forms of Sewa like Langar, harvesting wheat etc ourselves without being asked to do so. We would take that initiative and used to get and feel immense love from the eyes of Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj.

Ans: Welfare of the whole society, to help human being reach Almighty, to take care of them, and to be the guide of every person who listens to the Saint. The saints become guide for human beings for their life time and the intent is to enable human beings seek salvation and be one with Almighty.

Ans: The soul is a departed part of Almighty, the earth too, has been made by Almighty and it is with His will that we are here. It is similar to a vacation wherein the soul has come to enjoy its vacations on the earth, but has forgotten its way back to its creator. It needs to reach back, and saints are the spiritual guides that make the souls aware of this reality and guide them back to their creator.