One more record made on Dr. MSG’s 50th Birthday | CANDY MOSAIC

900 461 Saint Dr. MSG Insan

Sirsa | Huge masses of people are celebrating Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji’s 50th Golden Birthday in their own unique ways. On Friday, the 18th August, the world’s largest Candy Mosaic was prepared by the devotees.

Expanding over an area of 356.98 square feet, this Mosaic had 1,00,062 candies in various color wraps, which were shaped to form ‘Happy birthday to Saint Dr MSG’. While interacting with media, the convener Ms. Pushpa Insan said that a team of 75 fans made the Mosaic across 356.98 square feet.

Made only within 5 hours | CANDY MOSAIC

The fans began to create the mosaic at 6:30 AM and completed it by 11:30 AM. Orange, white and green candies were used to write ‘Happy birthday to Saint Dr MSG’ and extend greetings to His Holiness.

Ms. Pushpa Insan further stated, “This Candy Mosaic will be registered as an entry for the Guinness World Records. The candies were later distributed among the devotees.”

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