A Guru is Torchbearer of Spiritual and Worldly Wisdom

1050 700 Saint Dr. MSG Insan

To step into a new field, we always need a guide. Even for worldly practices such as academics, sports or arts, one needs to have a teacher or trainer. And, gaining the knowledge of spiritualism – which is as deep as an ocean, is not possible without a true Guru. But, how do we know whether we have met Him or not? When we meet the true Guru, our life gets enlightened so bright that no darkness can defeat.

‘Attitude of gratitude’ is something which is imbibed in Indian culture since ancient times. And Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan – who always preaches to retain this culture, how could the followers forget to pay their gratitude towards him, the true spiritual master, Saint Dr MSG Insan.
So today does not only mark the full moon, but it means much more. It’s a day when millions of followers pay their heartiest gratitude to His Holiness, Saint Dr MSG Insan, the true Guru, who brings out the souls engulfed by sorrows and griefs, into a peaceful world by teaching the method of meditation. Here are few snapshots:

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