Dr MSG’s film gleams up on the world map!

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The Berlin International Film Festival, also called The Berlinale, is one of the world’s leading film festivals and most reputable media events. This year, the 67th annual Berlin International Film Festival was held from 9 February to 18 February 2017.

As a part of special screenings of movies from all over the globe, Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan’s third film – ‘MSG The Warrior Lion Heart’ was also selected.
Moments from the movie’s eye locking track ‘Varsha Hai Aayi’ were played, which amazed the audiences. It was wholeheartedly appreciated by the celebrities from international film industry.

VARSHA HAI AAYI | Father Daughter Duo steal hearts

The Jury panel and dignitaries at the event applauded and presented a standing ovation with regards to the Father Daughter Duo (Dr. MSG and His Co-Director daughter Honeypreet Insan), for the direction, fashion design and creativity of the song. World renowned creative director and writer, Alice Bottarro from Germany, said that the song is indeed a wonderful form of art. Rejoicing at the beautiful song, Bottarro expressed interest in knowing about the film’s shooting.

Heartfelt welcome of Dr. MSG’s unique style

Joelle Marie Stolz, the Cultural Strategist from Italy and Eda Juderhok, the Executive producer and jury member of Soup Films,  Germany also lauded Dr. MSG’s unique initiative of connecting people with humanity through fashion and films.


Many people wonder and often ask Revered Guruji about his mission behind film making. Calming their minds, Saint MSG answers that youth is more tempted by movies rather than a Satsang, hence movies are mere manifestation of holy discourses in a modernized way. The rich Indian culture and values make our country unique in itself and the movies serve as a link between our civilization and today’s distracted youngsters.

Five movies of the MSG series have been released so far:

MSG The Messenger
MSG 2- The Messenger
MSG The Warrior Lion Heart
Hind Ka NaPak Ko Jawab
Jattu Engineer
Next in the list are ‘MSG – Online Gurukul’, a huge film which is in the post production stage and Saint MSG’s dream project – ‘The Birth’. With these mind blowing performances, Revered Guruji has proved his mettle in film industry also.

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