Divine words strung together to express devotion

150 150 Saint Dr. MSG Insan

Prayer can do miracles. When no medicine works, prayer from a truthful, humble heart works more than a therapy. Prayers are all about belief, an honest belief that looks only for the mercy of God irrespective of its fulfillment. Most of the people now-a-days are overwhelmed, distraught and exhausted. Prayers give relief to such a person. If done at the time of happy hours, prayers work like a fixed deposit amount when life hits us hard.

Saint Dr. MSG always motivates the devotees to pray in all odd and outs of life, not just during the tough times. He teaches how and what to pray for, and has very beautifully expressed the feelings for devotion in a book titled “Heartfelt Pleas”.

Through this book, His Holiness blessed the devotees by providing prayers for almost every aspect of life. He believes that the thoughts of the cook while he prepares food have a direct effect on the innate essence of the food. So he encourages all to pray while cooking food so that whosoever has it, derives health and happiness from it. Many people have reported benefits from this practice. Alcohol addicts are able to quit their addiction just because the homemaker is praying while cooking as taught by Dr. MSG!

According to Saint MSG, the sole purpose of education is to serve humanity. With such a noble aim in mind, students are able to focus more and stay motivated. And, many are indeed excelling in their academics by praying before they study. What should be the spirit of a sportsperson, what should be the true motive for humanitarian service; how to start and end a day, divine prayers for all these doubts have been embedded in this holy book. All in all, this book covers both, the worldly and spiritual feelings of a devotee.
Reading these prayers not only soothes your mind but also enchants the soul. Check out ‘Heartfelt Pleas’!!

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