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Huge number of footfall at the first unique Carnival Sirsa, 10th August | On the pious occasion of the 50th incarnation day of Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, a splendid ‘MSG…

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Saint Dr. MSG Insan

131st humanitarian welfare work initiated!! Devotees will now celebrate happiness with cow milk party

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The caravan of humanitarian works is increasing day by day. The passion with which Saint Dr. MSG and his disciples serve selflessly makes people wonder and bow down in respect. The momentum is tremendous and…

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A Guru is Torchbearer of Spiritual and Worldly Wisdom

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To step into a new field, we always need a guide. Even for worldly practices such as academics, sports or arts, one needs to have a teacher or trainer. And, gaining the knowledge of spiritualism…

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Saint Dr. MSG on Social Media

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Millions want solution from him about their personal and social problems, millions want his guidance at every step of their daily routine life. And true master Saint Dr.MSG never denies where there is a benefit…

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