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SEED: An initiative to foster loving bonds between families via Digital Fasting

Technology forms the backbone of our ever developing world; growing by leaps and bounds, new enhancements, new inventions and new developments are done every day. While most of them are targeted at automations that make life easy, save time and boost productivity, a lot of them also aim to entertain the new generation from within the confinements of their home.



As far as availability of information, trainings, etc. are concerned, the pros are many, with infinite opportunities for personal and professional growth, provided internet is used in a time apt and righteous manner.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Online Education & Personal development
  • Research possibilities & connecting with people across the globe, experience sharing & knowledge building
  • Online banking opportunities, payment gateways, financial, medical and many other day-to-day tasks can be accomplished online.


Is inapt and excessive usage of internet, mindless social media scrolling and gaming addiction ruining the relationships?

While the pros are many, off late the harsh consequences of internet and social media usage are emerging.

  • Social Media exposes youngsters to the content that needs viewer’s discretion. Young minds are impressionable and they form impractical and unrealistic world view.
  • Continuous gaming, being addicted to them deregulates the nervous system, the demarcation between reality and fantasy diminishes and many youngsters commit heinous crimes.
  • Relationships suffer the most; family bonding diminishes as the members focus more on social media in their phones and less on talking to each other. This creates an atmosphere of anxiety & distrust, especially in the most vital relation of parents and children. Children and adults both have become more prone to depression due to excessive screen usage.


SEED – An initiative to save and savor the relationships


Good Relationships are crucial to a content life; they provide mental security, boost confidence and generate positive emotions, which boost personal and professional growth of an individual. But nurturing relationships needs time and energy on a regular basis.

To achieve this, it is paramount to have fixed time to spend dedicatedly with your family and friends, especially by totally cutting off from the social media on telephones/internet browsing and TV watching.

Hence the need for SEED Campaign:

S- Social and Spiritual life

E- Enhancement and

E- Enrichment with

D- Digital Fasting

This is SEED, the Digital Fasting Campaign by Saint Dr. MSG to promote wellness on multiple levels.


  • To bring back the sweetness of family bonding and warmth of social relationships
  • To reduce anxieties and stress of continuous screen time
  • To start loving and living life, the way it is supposed to be
  • To take a break from all the social media

Refrain from using phones, TV and other gadgets used for scrolling the internet for 2 hours from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Instead, give this time exclusively to your family, your adults, children or even friends. Talk, share, bond, eat together, go for walks or play games, there are a variety of activities that you can involve in, except internet scrolling, TV watching or other screen usage.

6 Million People have pledged to be a part of the SEED Campaign and many have reported positive impacts in their personal lives, it is time for all of us to join in and make a positive change in our own lives.

A happy individual, a mentally strong youngster and a satisfied adult can achieve great success and lead the nation to new heights, so make SEED a part of your life, invest in yourself, invest in your families and see the life change for good, both for you as well as the society.