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Saint MSG: An environmentalist extraordinaire who mobilizes and transforms!

The world is reeling from a climate crisis, a crisis that may become irreversible and catastrophic if immediate action is not taken. As months go by, the negative effects arising from our needless tinkering with the environment are becoming more pronounced. There is a need for large-scale measures, and His Holiness Saint Dr. MSG Insan is an environmentalist who knows what it takes to tackle these grave issues.

Saint Dr. MSG has been spearheading humanitarian initiatives for more than a decade now. His contribution and achievements as an environmentalist can not be paralleled. At His beckoning, crores of volunteers are stepping forward and contributing to creating a better environment in every way they can. With Dr. MSG at the helm, the programs are doing what very few people can achieve—helping the planet recover from the damage it has sustained. Here are some programs that He founded and leads that are bringing about transformation in the most real sense.


A priority for Mother Nature and restoration of the greens

Planting trees is a very effective way to tackle the increasing levels of carbon dioxide that have been wreaking havoc on our atmosphere. Trees play a vital role as carbon sinks while being home to animals and birds alike. But, increased deforestation is causing the health of our planet to worsen each passing day.


Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has been stressing about the drastic reduction of green cover for more than a decade now. His Holiness has been actively encouraging generations to plant saplings and care for them. Every year, Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers organize massive tree plantations on August 15th to celebrate Dr. MSG’s birthday.


Under His guidance, DSS volunteers have planted more than 42 million trees and this number continues to increase every year. In addition to the annual tree plantation drives, volunteers also plant saplings during other occasions, be it birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries. To encourage lakhs to plant crores of trees is not an easy featsomething that only a true visionary and environmentalist like Saint MSG can make a reality.


His dedication as an environmentalist is also evident in the fact that he has successfully encouraged thousands of people to pledge to plant at least 12 saplings per year and look after them as they would for their children. Dera Sacha Sauda and Saint Dr. MSG hold several world records in tree plantation, including the Guinness World Record for planting more than 69 lakh saplings across the nation in 8 hours.

An Infinite Love for Animals the Divine Guru possesses!

Saint MSG has a love for every living being that the almighty has created. Whenever Guruji encounters an animal, He always makes sure to pet them or feed them. His Holiness believes that all animals are a part of our world as much as humans, they deserve to live peacefully and with dignity. To fulfill this, Saint MSG has guided volunteers to rescue strays and feed animals and birds alike. He also advocates against slaughterhouses and caring for as many of God’s creations as possible.

Why should one have to struggle to breathe?

Breathing gives us life, yet every year, after crops have been harvested, farmers burn stubble around Diwali, giving rise to dense and heavy smog around Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, and Rajasthan. The increased levels of pollutants cause health issues for lakhs living in and around the national capital. Dr. MSG has taken it up to Himself to discourage farmers from adopting this unhealthy practice and actively advocating for alternative uses of stubble, such as fodder and composting.


Very recently, He has also asked His followers to pledge and use cars within pollution levels well within allowed limits or switch to more eco-friendly options. Furthermore, He has also asked volunteers to persuade family and friends to follow suit.

His steps towards a cleaner world!

A clean environment promotes better health and protects from diseases. Cleanliness also promotes good physical health and mental well-being. Saint Dr. MSG Insan has, therefore, led DSS volunteers to successfully conduct 32 Mega cleanliness drives in several major cities across India. Whenever these drives are organized, lakhs of volunteers from India and abroad arrive at the location on His call and get down to cleaning. Volunteers, full of enthusiasm and zest due to His teachings, clean the complete city within just a few hours. Everything from sewers and drains to roads and alleyways are swept and scrubbed under the ‘Cleanse Campaign’ initiative.


His Holiness has also motivated Dera followers to construct toilets for the people living below the poverty line and discourage them from using open toilets and ensuring their safety from bacteria and viruses.

Because Landfills don’t need to overflow…

As plastics clog up the intestines of animals and landfills waiting to be destroyed, we are slowly realizing their disastrous impact on our health, our planet, and our environment. To combat the unregulated use of polythene and other plastics, Saint Dr. MSG has instructed his followers to use cloth bags instead of plastic Bags.

Saving water so we never run out of it

Although our world is 70% water, not all water can be used for drinking and daily use. With the increasingly careless use of water, the world may run out of usable water in the years to come. This grave issue has been vocalized very strongly by Dr. MSG several times. Upon His Holiness’ request, thousands have opted for a glass of water when brushing their teeth instead of letting the tap run. On a larger scale, His Holiness has engineered and developed a water irrigation system that re-utilizes water. At the Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa Ashram, His Holiness has already designed a water reservoir that harvests and utilizes rainwater.

Using Alternatives Sources of Energy!

As the world grapples with diminishing coal reserves, Saint Dr. MSG believes that alternate energy systems are the way to go. He has developed a biogas plant that harvests energy from animal and human waste for use in stoves at our homes. He has also persuaded several local panchayats to take up such initiatives.


On reading this, one could agree—no environmentalist can do it as MSG does!