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131st humanitarian welfare work initiated!! Devotees will now celebrate happiness with cow milk party

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The caravan of humanitarian works is increasing day by day. The passion with which Saint Dr. MSG and his disciples serve selflessly makes people wonder and bow down in respect. The momentum is tremendous and the vision is unique. Who could ever think that eunuchs will be regarded as the third gender of the society? Not only this, Dera sacha sauda is also getting recognized by the world as ‘True blood pump’ for real! Volunteers motivated by Saint Dr MSG are willingly getting married to girls entrapped in prostitution, irrespective of society’s false norms and status to integrate them with mainstream society. Cleansing of conscience by massive spiritual discourse and purification of environment by mega cleaniness campaigns in different cities of India are remarkable works bringing peace inside-out. Moreover, thousands of trees are planted every year and are well kept. A new initiative has been triggered by His holiness, ‘Content With One’ to encourage people for population check. ‘Crown of the Lineage’ is another ice breaking measure aimed at women empowerment, wherein the volunteer boy wilfully marries a girl who is the only child of her parents and he relocates to his wife’s parental home. And the list goes on!!

It’s believed that good people care about other people. But Saint Dr. MSG not only cares for humans but for every living being. His heart bestows mercy even on the mute creatures, and therefore He initiated raising voice for them as the 131st welfare activity.

To get cows honored with the title of ‘Gaumata’, It is initiated as the 131st welfare work by Revered Guruji. He appealed to all the devotees to enjoy the occasions by organizing cow milk parties and serve pure cow milk products therein. On a single call of Revered Guruji, lakhs of people raised their hands in agreement with this initiative. His Holiness is making several noteworthy efforts to restore the glory of the cows.

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